Helm Art

Our clients

Who are Helm Art's clients?

Helm Art’s clients are based in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Their assets are based in multiple jurisdictions which often entails Helm Art acting as co-counsel with foreign counsel and working with subject-matter experts globally.

Trustees and Protectors

Trustees and Protectors of art trusts.

Private Banks and Family Offices

Helm Art advises Private Bankers and Family Offices on myriad issues relating to art held on trust/ collections.

Art Collectors, and Institutions

In addition to Fine Art Collectors, Helm Art works with other genres of collections too. We advise Museums and Institutions on issues relating to Immunity from Seizure and Government Indemnity Schemes.

Asset Managers

Helm Art advises asset managers on all aspects of art as an asset.


Helm Art advises galleries on issues such as consignment sale agreements, anti-money laundering and due diligence issues in relation to art transactions.


Helm Art strategises with artists on all aspects of planning relating toArtists’ Estates .