Helm Art


As the art market has grown and developed, so too has the web of regulations faced by Trustees, Protectors, Family Offices, Art Collectors, Dealers, Artists and others in the art world. Managing an art collection is an important part of wealth and tax planning and you’ll need to consider many factors, ranging from sales and loans to museums to trusts, tax planning and insurance. Helm Art helps you develop an art-focused asset strategy and has built an extended network to connect you with the most relevant contacts for your artwork.

Art as an asset

Helm Art guides you on all aspects of art as an asset, including due diligence, art transactions, family governance, art finance, succession, dispute resolution and aspects of taxation. Along with Helm Art’s knowledge of the market, its international legal experience means it understands the cross-border issues and regulations you may face. Helm Art helps you make sense of your rights and obligations in relation to your art assets and also brings together multi-jurisdictional expertise where required.

Helm Art's services include guidance on

Art Due Diligence issues

Buying, selling and valuations

Setting up a trust / transferring works of art into a trust

Family Governance documents relating to Art Collections

Art Finance/Borrowing against art

Loans to museums, galleries and immunity from seizure

Insurance, import/ export and transportation

Aspects of taxation relating to artworks

Recovery of stolen and looted art

Disputes and litigation: title disputes, attribution

authenticity disputes, disputes relating to catalogues raisonnés